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He has become part of the Ricks’ extended family and even has his own teenage son and daughter working there.»He runs (the restaurant) the same way he would if it was his own business,» Todd Rick said.One employee celebrated 35 years with Denny’s this past month.»We have been blessed with some really good people,» Todd Rick said.Hayes said it’s all about customer service and not being just a business.»It’s like a big family,» Hayes said.Todd and Laurie couldn’t agree more.While their operation is part of corporation, the Ricks still run it like a locally owned family business.»We try to know as many of a guests by name as possible Replica Celine, Todd Rick said. «We get to know their stories and they get to know our stories.»Todd, Laurie or the general manager is always there. Often all three are there.The couple now has more than 80 years in the restaurant industry between them, including many as managers of other Denny’s franchises for other people as well as at fine dining establishments.Some of the customers at the diner are travelers from places as far away as Canada and families from all over attending sporting events with the youth athletic and activity teams and clubs.

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