Read MoreBethany Platt’s grooming ordeal on Coronation

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Replica Hermes Belt Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!We marvelled at how hairdresser David Platt coolly dealt with nasty school bully Lauren when she was picking on Bethany by chopping off her hair without so much as blinking.Actor Jack P Shepherd has hinted that that his troubled character, who threatened to kill himself and killer Clayton Hibbs after his beloved wife Kylie was stabbed to death on the cobbles last year Replica Hermes Birkin, is involved in the fallout over Bethany’s harrowing treatment at the hands of depraved Nathan and his friends.Read MoreBethany Platt’s grooming ordeal on Coronation StreetSpeaking to the Huffington Post he said: «I think the way he’s involved is obvious. He finds out that something has been going on with Bethany. And he acts in a way that David sometimes does.»So if David does get his own back on groomer Nathan on Corrie, we can’t wait to see what he does.Bethany Platt STABS another Coronation Street character in shock scenesViewer Carol Dickinson tweeted: «Can’t wait for David to find out about Bethany Nathan. Replica Hermes Belt

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